Atulya Vikas Foundation


Working on rural empowerment

Our founders believe that to empower country we need to empower the villagers first. For that we need to provide quality education to rural children and to work for women empowerment.

We have to make villages self-sufficient and enabling villagers to live with dignity and happily.

Our Vission

Our vision is to education rural children with career oriented curriculum, so that they can also get good job and improve their economic conditions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build schools in rural areas where we can provide the free full time quality and career oriented education to the childrens.

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Today, in villages children are not getting proper or quality education. 90% of villagers are underprivilege because of that they can afford the private school fees and even 10% who are capable to send their children in private school also not sending  because schools are far away from the villages.



Today, in rural areas harvesting of plants & trees are happening with fast pace. Everyone’s focused on urban environments. We are working on to increase rural plantation.  Working on to build Village Park for the rural children and small forests in rural areas with native fruits, flowers etc.



Today, women in villages are not empowered. They don’t have any income. For a single penny they have to depend on families male. We aim to provide a platform or environment to rural women in villages only where they can have some earning. This will improve the rural economics also.


Delivering solutions for rural development

We are working on various solutions/projects towards the rural development in India. Due to increasing population specially in rural areas, we need to think & work on more sustainable rural development projects.

Our education center providing free full time quality education to rural children. Focused on provide futuristic and career oriented education. 

We are working on build parks in villages or rural areas where rural children can play, village can organize community events etc.

We are creating women Self Help Group for the rural empowerment. By this they can easily get the government’s women empowerment scheme benefits. 

Today, still in most villages people are not getting good health benefits. Kids and Pregnant women facing nutrition issues.

We keep looking for the underprivilege women and kids who have nutrition issues, so that we can support to get nutrient medicine and foods.