Atulya Vikas Foundation

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Holistic Approach – Maximum Impact!

Our objectives of rural development, are not restricted to any single department but spread over several. Rural development encompasses : Improvement in education, health, empowerment, environment.

Why Rural Development?

The main objective of rural development is to improve the quality of education, transformation of rural economy, improving standard of living by providing /facilitating basic amenities.

It is an important aspect of India’s development agenda, as a majority of the country’s population lives in rural areas and relies on agriculture and related activities for their livelihoods. Despite these efforts, rural development continues to be a challenge, with issues such as poverty, lack of infrastructure, and limited access to financial services affecting large portions of the rural population.

There are several reasons why rural development is important for India:  

Poverty Alleviation | Agricultural Development | Employment Generation | Infrastructure Development | Access to Financial Services

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What or How we do ?

We are working in villages for the quality education, environment sustainability, women empowerment, community support etc.

We aim to improve the quality of education in villages. Provide the education by focusing their career/future. At our education center we provide full time english medium education, so that they can stand with the other city based students.

We are creating Self-Help Groups in villages for the empowerment of women in villages and they can also be part of the government schemes.

Atulya Vikas Foundation Working At Ground Zero

Atulya Vikas Foundation was founded to work for the overall rural development.        Our ground  zero volunteers are from the local villages only.

We are working on to provide quality education to rural children. A large portion of rural students must deal with a lack of access to quality reading materials and instruction at an early age (especially preschool)

Today in villages rarely women have any earning opportunity. Village women’s are unable to utilize the government’s women schemes. We have opened SHG for the women in various villages. 

Harvesting of plants & trees keep increasing in rural areas. Rarely any one doing plantation in villages or make it sustain. Today rural areas also don’t have any park for the children, where they can play.

Still there are many villages/community in rural area having lack of basic facilities like street light, public toilet, proper sanitations etc. We are trying our best to provide those facilities to the villages.